FAM-164-2FAM-ST - Family Series

Public Restroom Company’s Family Series FAM-164-2FAM-ST model features two multiple-occupants, and two (2) single occupant (family restrooms) concrete block restrooms that include: five (5) flush toilets, one (1) urinal, and four (4) sinks that will accommodate up to 300 users per hour, as well as a multipurpose storage room. This floor plan is designed with safety in mind! The design utilizes natural ventilation and is easily maintained with non-absorbent concrete floors and concrete block walls. This model works well in areas that have high volumes of different types of activities and different age groups such as; parks that feature tot lots along with sports fields, or splash parks. Parents can feel safe bringing their children into a secure single-occupant restroom. If your parks stays open in the winter this building’s multiple occupant restrooms can be closed and winterized, while the family restroom can remain open year-round.

FAM-154 Floorplan