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OPTIONS / Door And Gate Options

Enter into the world of prefabricated buildings.

Door And Gate Options

Park doors are often high maintenance for park staff; dents, rust, graffiti and more. Our doors are one of our best known secrets. Instead of purchasing traditional mass-produced metal doors, we custom fabricate 14 gauge prison grade steel doors with built-in ribs to prevent denting. We further add vertical ribs at 6" on center, welded to the face of the door to further resist impact. Our door handles are antimicrobial so germs are killed on contact.

Our doors weigh 46% more than an equivalent stock door. We suggest that in areas of extreme heat to install covered entries over the doors to shelter the door hardware from direct sunlight, or ask us about our vandal resistant fiberglass door options. We also fabricate our window shutters using the same vandal resistant methods as our doors!

Painted SF
14ga Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Doors
Painted Precision Prec
Vandal Resistant Fiberglass Doors
Painted Precision Prec
Stainless Steel Gates
Painted Precision Prec
Garage Doors
Painted Precision Prec
Automatic Magnetic Locking Doors
Painted Precision Prec
Serving Windows
Painted Precision Prec
Window Shutters
Painted Precision Prec
Antimicrobial Door Hardware
(C & Z Handles)