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Buildings / Multi-Use Buildings

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Multi-Use Buildings

Multi-Purpose Facilities

The Multi-Purpose Buildings that are showcased are examples of the flexibility Public Restroom Company has to offer. Whether you need a large facility for team meetings, a room to display interpretive park guides, or need a facility for your youth group gatherings, we can design and build to accommodate your site needs.

Interpretative Nature Center
Interpretative Nature Center
Neighborhood Park
Neighborhood Park
Multi-Purpose Community Complex
Multi-Purpose Community Complex

Meeting Rooms And Offices

Meeting Rooms: A large meeting room may be necessary within your park complex. If so, Public Restroom Company will research all local codes to develop and ensure a design that will be ADA code compliant.

Offices: If your park requires an office space, Public Restroom Company can incorporate an office space along with the public restroom. Depending on your park amenities; you may need an office for lifeguards, or baseball officials – whatever your needs may be, we can assist you with the design, build and installation process.

Meeting Room
Meeting Room

Two-Story Scorekeeper Booths

The Two-Story Scorekeeper Booth is an excellent design for those stadium facilities that require an elevated room for viewing and recording scores.  Please see the Floyd Hull Project Profile for more details.

Charles Clark Park
Football Stadium Building
Floyd Hull Stadium
Baseball Stadium Complex

Scorekeeper Rooms

If you are developing a large sports complex, you may want to consider individual scorekeeper booths behind each dougout.

Scorekeeper Room
Baseball Scorekeeper Room

Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms are a great add-on to restroom/shower facilities at campgrounds and marinas. Public Restroom Company can design, build and install the Laundry Room completely turnkey with all components, hook-ups and equipment included at time of installation.

Marina Campground Building
Crescent City
Harbor Boat Launch Facility
Wiggins Marina
Marina Laundry Building

Fish Cleaning

Fish cleaning stations are becoming more widely adopted throughout campground and marina designs. Fish cleaning stations can be incorporated into the public restroom building our built as standalone stations.

Crescent City Fish Cleaning Station
Fish Cleaning Station
Pine Crest Fish Cleaning Station
Fish Cleaning Pavilion

Transit Stations

Standalone public restrooms are becoming more popular at transit stations across the country. These buildings are being designed with not only the public in mind, but the transportation drivers as well. We are incorporating break rooms, storage rooms and little office spaces for drivers and maintenance staff.

Transit Station
Brawley Transit
Pennsauken Station
Pennsauken Station
Canby Bus Transfer Station

Golf Pro Shops

From starter shacks to concessions, if you are designing a new golf course or needing to add a building onto an existing golf course, Public Restroom Company can work with you to design a building for your specific needs.

Andulka Pro Shop
Golf Course Pro Shop
River Ridge Concession
Golf Course Concession / Restroom Building
Prefabricated Golf Starter Shack
Golf Starter Shack