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BUILDINGS / Public Restrooms

We are the experts when it comes to public restrooms. After all, it's in our name!

Public Restroom Series

Maximum Number Of Restroom Users Per Hour
PRC has found that municipalities typically build restrooms that are too large.
We have completed surveys that estimated the following results about length of time in a restroom:

• Women take two (2) minutes = 30 women per fixture per hour
• Men take one (1) minute = 60 men per fixture per hour

On the bottom right hand corner of each floor plan a number indicates the maximum users per hour that each design can accommodate. This number will help you properly size the facility.

+ Download Our Public Restroom Floor Plans

Standard Features

Optional Features

  • Low Vandal Resistant (LVR) roof system - plank & beam
  • Roof System Options: Medium Vandal Resistant (MVR) roof system - panelized roof with galvanized rafters & FRC ceiling
  • Medium Vandal Resistant (MVR) WOOD roof system – panelized roof with wood rafters and FRC ceiling
  • High Vandal Resistant (HVR) roof system - welded tubular steel frame with structural steel panels
  • 26 Gauge Standing Seam Metal Roof
  • Roofing Options: Composition Shingle, Tile, Shake, Corrugated Metal, Concrete, Membrane, Custom options available
  • Engineered block wall system: split face or precision block exterior finishes
  • Exterior Finishes/Textures: Stone, Brick, Stucco, Wood, FRC, Corrugated Metal Siding, Custom  options available
  • Lifetime odor free: moisture, oil & stain resistant 8” thick concrete slab and masonry components
  • Floor Finishes: tile, epoxy coating
  • Commercial grade, wall mounted, vitreous china plumbing fixtures
  • 14 gauge grade stainless steel plumbing fixtures
  • ¼” woven stainless steel vent screens
  • Custom Louvered vent screens
  • 14 gauge, internally reinforced, galvanized steel entry doors and jambs
  • Fiberglass reinforced doors and jambs
  • Interior & exterior lighting (includes; lifetime manufacturers guarantee, and are constructed of resilient polycarbonate utilizing long life, low energy, and fluorescent lighting) controlled by time clock
  • LED, HPS fixtures, optional motion sensors
  • ADA compliant accessibility with cast aluminum ADA signage (signs are recessed into the block and attached with blind fasteners to prevent removal by vandals)
  • Additional site signage as specified by client
  • 100 amp electrical panel (located inside the utility chase)
  • 200 amp electrical panel, any additional conduit needed for site lighting
  • Stainless steel door pull and deadbolt locking system with anti-microbial technology
  • Automatic magnetic door locking system, Z-Door handles
  • Three (3) roll stainless steel toilet paper holders
  • Concealed high velocity vandal resistant hand dryers
  • Five (5) year warranty
  • Soap dispenser with concealed reservoir
  • Hose reel and hose (installed inside the utility chase)
  • Heat/Air Conditioned Spaces
  • Exterior mounted ADA drinking fountains (with or without alcove)
  • Covered entry
  • Insulation: Roof, walls
Public Restrooms / Playground Series

Playground Series
Accommodates 45–120 users per hour

Playground Series

Public Restroom Company's Playground Series models feature small overall footprints designed with functionality in mind, ease of use and accessibility for park patrons. The Playground Series models works well in areas that have limited space such as; on a golf course, at a boat launch, or a small neighborhood park. Click the images below to view the floorplans and descriptions of our Playground Series models.

Playground Series PS-011
PS-011 Model
Playground Series PS-011
PS-022 Model
Playground Series PS-022-CE
PS-022-CE Model
Playground Series PS-022-CE-ST
PS-022-CE-ST Model
Playground Series PS-033
PS-033 Model
Playground Series PS-111
PS-111 Model
Playground Series PS-122
PS-122 Model
Playground Series PS-133
PS-133 Model
Public Restrooms / Sports Park Series

Sports Park Series
Accommodates 180 users per hour

Sports Park Series

Public Restroom Company's Sports Park Series features functional restroom designs with accessible multiple-occupant layouts. This series models work well in areas that have active participants such as; medium sized neighborhood parks or sports fields. Click the images below to view the floorplans and descriptions of our Sports Park Series models.

Playground Series SP-132
SP-132 Model
Playground Series SP-132-2M
SP-132-2M Model
Playground Series SP-132-2M-ST
SP-132-2M-ST Model
Playground Series SP-132-FT
SP-132-FT Model
Playground Series SP-132-SD
SP-132-SD Model
Sports Park Series SP-044
SP-044 Model
Playground Series SP-244
SP-244 Model
Public Restrooms / Playground Series

Stadium Series
Accommodates 270-540 users per hour

Stadium Series

Public Restroom Company's Stadium Series features large well-ventilated multiple-occupant concrete block restroom designs that work well in areas that have a high volume of users. If you are considering a new sports park complex, or multi-use fields these designs will fit your restroom, storage, garage, and equipment room needs. PRC continuously develops new technology to deliver 50 year life cycle structures that reduce operation costs and last. Click the images below to view the floorplans and descriptions of our Stadium Series models.

Stadium Series SS-242
SS-242 Model
Stadium Series SS-264
SS-264 Model
Stadium Series SS-396
SS-396 Model
Public Restrooms / Sports Park Series

Family Series
Accommodates 255-405 users per hour

Family Series

Public Restroom Company's Family Series are designed with safety in mind! These models works well in areas that incorporate different types of activities and different age groups such as; parks that feature tot lots along with sports fields. Parents can feel safe bringing their children into a secure single-occupant restroom. If your parks stays open in the winter this building's multiple occupant restrooms can be closed and winterized, while the family restroom can remain open year-round. Click the images below to view the floorplans and descriptions of our Family Series models.

Family Series FAM-154
FAM-154 Model
Family Series FAM-154-2FAM
FAM-154-2FAM Model
Family Series FAM-164-2FAM-ST
FAM-164-2FAM-ST Model
Family Series FAM-154
FAM-275-ST Model

We Are The Experts When It Comes To Public Restrooms.
After All, It's In Our Name!

At Public Restroom Company we design restrooms and related park buildings. Our turnkey process includes working with the client to evaluate the number of visitors to determine the proper size of the facility. Selection of the right floor plan is key to a successful restroom project. We design and construct our restrooms to be functionally superior and aesthetically matching to the site architecture.