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Sales And Service Staff Directory

We Welcome Your Inquiries And Look Forward To Serving You Today.

To reach an individual from our service and staff directory, please send an email to the appropriate email address or
call 1-888-888-2060 and enter their extension when prompted.

Name Title Email Ext.
Chuck Kaufman President chuck@publicrestroomcompany.com 101
Bonnie Butler Project Administration bonnie@publicrestroomcompany.com 108
Tina Preston Logistics Manager tina@publicrestroomcompany.com 119
Fabian Nunez Purchasing fabian@publicrestroomcompany.com 121
Katie Sherin Vice President of Administration katie@publicrestroomcompany.com 120
Chad Kaufman Vice President of Sales & Marketing chad@publicrestroomcompany.com 109
Carl Hackney Project Development Manager carl@publicrestroomcompany.com 134
Chris Gaughan Project Development Manager chrisg@publicrestroomcompany.com 106
Pat McBride Project Development Manager pat@publicrestroomcompany.com 104
Ted Munley Project Development Manager ted@publicrestroomcompany.com 103