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PS-021 | Playground Series

Public Restroom Company / PS-021 | Playground Series

PS-021 | Playground Series

Public Restroom Company’s Playground Series PS-021 model features two single-occupant concrete block restrooms that include: two (2) flush toilets and one (1) exterior sink. This model will accommodate up to 90 users per hour.  The restroom is ADA code compliant with built-in proprietary vandal resistant components.

This floor plan is designed with the sink located on the exterior of the building, to reduce leisure time in the restroom and create a safer environment for the public.  This also reduces overall cost with a smaller footprint and maintenance.  The door to the utility chase is located on the rear of the building allowing for drinking fountains to be easily installed in a wider alcove in the front of building.

The design utilizes natural ventilation and is easily maintained with non-absorbent concrete floors and concrete block walls.  This model is a great addition to our line to meet the changing needs of the public.


Accommodates 90 users per hour

Great for:

Areas with limited space, small neighborhood or park with need for exterior hand washing


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