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Why Choose PRC

We're Known For Building Better Places to Go.

Great Restrooms are about design, function, and safety.

That's why we have mastered all 3.

At the Public Restroom Company, we never stop thinking about better ways to design, build, and deliver public restrooms and related buildings for parks and outdoor spaces. What follows are just a few of the innovations and best practices you’ll find when you work with Public Restroom Company:

Odor-Free Concrete

Better Ventilation

Lower Maintenance

Smarter Design


Anti-microbial Components

Innovative Materials

Smarter Lighting

Stronger Components

Green Designs

Efficient Plumbing

Attention to Detail


Our modular construction process gives you flexibility when it comes to the final design.

Public Restroom Company is committed to delivering quality modular buildings that allow for architectural flexibility. You can start with a restroom facility and add-on any extra space. This could be a concession stand, a scorekeeper’s booth, a family restroom, changing rooms, showers, a laundry room, office space, meeting rooms, storage space, a garage, a maintenance room, utility space for site lighting, and much more. Our largest building to date included eight (8) modules and provided more than 2,200 sq. ft. of restrooms, a shower area, a level 2 concession stand, and extra large storage area. 

The first step is identifying what kind of functionality you need from the building, then our staff of architects will design and configure all those elements into one site-specific design. Our team will keep you apprised every step of the way, from concept to install. We invite you to visit both the factory during construction and the site during installation so you can watch it all come together as designed.

Modular Add-Ons
2-Story Install
Multiple Mod Installation