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Shower Series | SH-2

Features (2) two shower stalls

Shower Series SH-2 is a shower building with two (2) shower stalls. This model features stainless steel shower hardware, ADA compliant shower seats, dry bench/changing areas, and one (1) 50 gallon/11kw electric water heater.

Shower Series | SH-4

Features (4) four shower stalls

Shower Series SH-4 is a versatile shower building with four (4) shower stalls (2 men’s and 2 women’s). This model features stainless steel shower hardware, shower seats, bench/changing areas, and two (2) 50 gallon/11kw electric water heaters.

Prefabricated Shower Models

Standard Features

  • Medium Vandal Resistant (MVR) roof system – panelized roof with galvanized rafters & FRC ceiling
  • 26 Gauge Standing Seam Metal Roof
  • Engineered block wall system: split face or precision block exterior finishes
  • Lifetime odor free: moisture, oil & stain resistant 8” thick concrete slab and masonry components and easily cleanable wall surfaces
  • ¼” woven stainless steel vent screens
  • 14 gauge, internally reinforced, galvanized steel entry doors and jambs
  • LED Interior & Exterior Lights
  • ADA compliant accessibility with cast aluminum ADA signage (signs are recessed into the block and attached with blind fasteners to prevent removal by vandals)
  • Two (2) or Four (4) individual shower rooms with stainless steel hardware
  • ADA compliant shower seats, ADA compliant dry bench/changing areas
  • 50 gallon/11kw electric water heater
  • Five (5) year warranty

Optional Features

  • Roof System Options: Low Vandal Resistant (LVR) roof system – plank & beam
  • Medium Vandal Resistant (MVR) WOOD roof system – panelized roof with wood rafters and FRC ceiling
  • High Vandal Resistant (HVR) roof system – welded tubular steel frame with structural steel panels
  • Roofing Options: Composition Shingle, Tile, Shake, Corrugated Metal, Concrete, Membrane, Custom options available
  • Exterior Finishes/Textures: Stone, Brick, Stucco, Wood, FRC, Corrugated Metal Siding, Custom options available
  • Floor Finishes: tile, epoxy coating
  • Custom Louvered vent screens
  • Fiberglass reinforced doors and jambs
  • LED, HPS fixtures, optional motion sensors
  • Additional site signage as specified by client
  • Coin operated/metered shower system
  • Automatic magnetic door locking system, Z-Door handles
  • On-demand electric water heater
  • Heat/Air Conditioned Spaces
  • Outdoor showers
  • Covered entry

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