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Roof Options



When it comes to roof and ceiling systems, we offer three (3) different options for your building. Selections should be made based upon the building’s location and building use.

For the Medium Vandal Resistant (MVR) ceiling, you have two (2) options available for the internal framing construction depending on your building’s need for fire resistance and safety. Both are built with a fiber reinforced cement board (FRC) ceiling, but the internal framing can be constructed from steel or wood. Steel framing has the higher fire safety rating of the two MVR roof options available.

Low Vandal Resistant (LVR)

Materials: Plank and Beam

Medium Vandal Resistant (MVR Steel or MVR Wood)

  • MVR Wood: Panelized roof with wood rafters and FRC ceiling
  • MVR Steel: Galvanized steel stud paneled roof and FRC ceiling

High Vandal Resistant (HVR)

Materials: Welded tubular steel frame with structural steel panels



When it comes to roofing materials, we offer seven (7) different options to choose from to best suit your location and desired overall look.

Standing Seam Metal

Corrugated Metal

Composition Shingle

Concrete Tile

Decra Metal Tile

Mission Clay Tile




Here at the Public Restroom Company, we offer eight (8) different roof styles to select from to best suit your desired aesthetic and the weather at your building’s location.

Gable Roof

Shed Roof

Hip Roof

Clerestory Roof

Parapet Roof

Butterfly Roof

Gable Roof with Cupola

Barrel Roof