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Lighting | Exterior & Interior

All lighting fixtures today are required to meet the energy codes in watts per square foot. The current trend to utilize more energy efficient, LED lighting has been met by PRC with our lifetime warranty on all our LED vandal-resistant light fixtures. To reduce daily energy consumption, you can also incorporate solatubes or skylights to take advantage of natural daylight.

Another consideration when it comes to exterior lighting is Dark Sky Compliant lights, which means they minimize light pollution and is required in some areas. These exterior lights automatically operate from dusk to dawn.

LED Lighting | Interior*

*PRC Standard

  • Optional Occupancy Sensor

LED Lighting | Utility Chase

LED Lighting

Solatubes & LED | Interior

SolaTubes | Exterior

Exterior lights controlled by Photocell

Skylights for Natural Light

LED Lighting | Exterior

Dark Sky Compliant

LED Lighting | Exterior*

*PRC Standard Fixture

LED Lighting | Exterior*

*PRC Standard Fixture

LED Lighting | Exterior

Custom Fixture

LED Lighting | Exterior

Custom Fixture

LED Lighting | Exterior

Custom Fixture

Vent Screens for Natural Light & Air Flow

Vent Screens for Natural Light & Air Flow

Vents + Skylights for Natural Light & Air Flow


Winterizing Options

Whether or not your restroom is operational during the winter months, we offer various options to customize your building for freeze prevention if located in colder climates. Since restrooms are considered non-habitable spaces, they may be heated without insulation and still comply with the mechanical codes.

PRC has built facilities in nearly every climate located within the U.S. and can address your specific needs. Our proven systems are safe, economical to operate, and have long useful lives.

Radiant In-Floor Heat

Lexan Vent Covers

Utility Chase Heaters


HVAC Systems

Park concession facilities are facing increasing safety and compliance issues, as public agencies continually revise their food service codes to reduce liability and increase public safety. We stay current on the local health codes and design our concession layouts to fully comply.

HVAC systems are required in some instances and we have various options to choose from to best fit your building. We provide numerous solutions to accommodate and you can work with our sales team to create a custom solution, if the options below don’t meet your specific needs.

HVAC Unit | Interior View

HVAC Unit | Exterior View

Air Curtain for Concessions


Energy & Water Conservation

Energy and water conservation is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially when it comes to any new building construction. To help reduce daily energy usage, we offer a few different solutions such as incorporating solar energy, motion sensors, or adding natural light into your building. When it comes to water conservation, we offer a few different fixtures to help reduce water consumption by restroom users.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Panel & Skylight

Solar Panel

Tankless Electric Water Heater*

*PRC Standard

  • Reduces heat losses in piping
  • Outperforms bulky hot water tanks

Water Conservation

Metered Push Button Sink Faucet

Low Water Use Toilet*

*PRC Standard

  • 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush)
  • Meets CA Standards

Low Water Use Urinal*

*PRC Standard

  • 0.125 GPF (gallons per flush)
  • Meets CA Standards

Weather & Fire Safety

If you have concerns about potential flooding issues or wildfires, we can address these issues beforehand in the building’s design and modify certain standard features. Any building that is located in a flood prone area or a zone at risk of wildfires, please talk with our sales team so that we can provide the best long-term solution to keep your building safe and resilient for years to come.

Fire Rated Roofs

Flood Prone Area Preparations

Flood Vent | Interior View

Flood Vent | Exterior View