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Exterior Options

At Public Restroom Company, we use concrete block construction (CMU) as our standard exterior wall option, in either split face or precision block. Our natural CMU block options are available in two (2) colors and the different appearances between the two types of block is detailed below:

  • Precision Block – has a smooth texture and square edges, which is the most commonly associated with concrete block
  • Split Face Block – has an attractive natural rough stone appearance

Want something different than concrete? We have the flexibility in design and construction to use a variety of exterior finishes to customize your building’s final appearance, scroll down below to see the many options available to you. Every part of the building can be customized to make it exactly what you envision.


Natural CMU Block Options

Gray | Natural CMU Block

Khaki | Natural CMU Block

Natural CMU Block with Anti-Graffiti Coating


Painted CMU Block Options

If you want something beyond the two (2) standard, natural CMU block finishes–the painted CMU block options are a great, cost effective option to consider.  Below are some additional benefits of a painted CMU block exterior to consider:

  • Allows for easy graffiti cover-up in the event of vandalism
  • Color can easily be changed in the future for an updated appearance
  • Block filler can be applied prior to painting to seal CMU blocks
  • Any paint color can be applied to the building to match the surrounding landscape and architecture

Painted Precision Block

Painted Split Face Block

Painted Combo | Split Face (lower) & Precision Block (upper)

Painted Split Face with Painted Precision Band


Custom CMU Block Options

Slump Block

Scored Block

Custom Colored Block

Fluted Block


Other Exterior Finishes

Want to take the look of your building to the next level? Consider mixing and matching different exterior finishes shown below to get that custom look and feel and make your restroom shine in its current landscape for years to come.

Material Options: Stucco, Corrugated Metal, Tile, River Rock, Cultured Stone, Board and Batten, Lap Siding, Brick Veneer, & Ledge Stone

We pride ourselves on our ability to match prevailing architecture. Our flexible building system allows us to match site-specific architectural designs and PRC’s design team specializes in historic designs and matching architectural details. Public Restroom Company has been the proven choice for clients nationwide. Our knowledgeable sales/design team, architects, and skilled craftsmen are highly experienced within our industry.

Split Face CMU with River Rock

Split Face CMU with Ledge Stone

Board & Batten Siding with Ledge Stone

Corrugated Metal Siding

Stucco with Brick Wainscot

Brick (Full Height)

Stucco with Split Face CMU

Stucco (Full Height)

Stucco (Two Tone)

Lap Siding

Lap Siding with Brick

Lap Siding with Stone

Wood Siding

Natural Stone

Brick & Lap Siding / Tile Alcove / Stucco Wainscot


Additional Exterior Features

Customize any of our standard restroom and building floor plans to fit the specific needs of your park or location. These small upgrades can really take your building and park to the next level, below are some ideas to consider:

  • Add a covered entry for extra shade or additional protection from harsh weather elements
  • Keep park patrons hydrated and happy by adding an exterior drinking fountain and/or water bottle filler
  • Exterior sinks can enhance hygiene by providing hand washing outside the building for all park users
  • Incorporate privacy site screens to block open views for active parks and areas
  • Dog Park? We offer exterior dog washing stations and drinking fountains for thirsty pooches

Extended Covered Entry

Covered Entry with Steel & Wood Truss

Covered Entry with Wood Truss

Covered Entry with Stone Posts

Wood Truss

Wood Trellis Covered Entry

B-Deck Privacy Site Screens

CMU Privacy Site Screens

Dog Water Fountain

Recessed Wall Signage

Custom Tiled Alcove

GreenScreen | Trellis

Drinking Fountains with Water Bottle Filler

ADA Compliant Hi-Low Drinking Fountains

Drinking Fountains with ADA Compliant Alcove

Exterior Sinks (or Drinking Fountains) with ADA Bars

Pedestal Drinking Fountain with ADA Bars

Electrical Outlet

Lockable Water Hose Bib


Above Cap Beam Finishes

Those final touches on your building or restroom can make all the difference in its overall appearance. Public Restroom Company offers several different options to choose from when it comes to the section of wall above the cap beam on the gable ends of the building. Select a finish that relates to your site location to achieve the desired look and feel for your building, see photos below for more detail.

B-Deck Metal

Corrugated Metal

Cedar Plank

Board & Batten

Horizontal Lap Siding

Half Round Lap Siding

Brick Veneer

Steel Mesh Screens

Cedar Shake

Stucco Pattern (Fiber Reinforced Concrete)*

*PRC Standard

Synthetic Stucco