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PRC Sales and Service Staff Directory

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To reach an individual from our service and staff directory, please send an email to the appropriate email address or call 1-888-888-2060 and enter their extension when prompted.





Chad Kaufman


Ext. 109

Katie Sherin

Chief Operating Officer

Ext. 120

Fabian Nunez

Vice President

Ext. 121

Chris Gaughan

Regional Sales Manager

Ext. 106

Steve Myler

Regional Sales Manager

Ext. 103

Mike Earle

Regional Sales Manager

Ext. 126

John Wood

Field Operations Manager

Ext. 138

Carla Kraus

Sales Coordinator

Ext. 112

Nemanja Savic

Chief of Design

Ext. 124

Phillip Dombrowski

Senior Architectural Designer

Ext. 119

Dennis Freitas

Architectural Designer

Ext. 110

Chris Franco

Architectural Designer

Ext. 139

Manny Rosario

Senior Project Designer

Ext. 122

Bonnie Butler

Senior Project Manager

Ext. 108

Kate Miller

Project Manager

Ext. 160

Tara Guajardo

Assistant Project Manager

Ext. 134

Daniel Aguirre

Operations Manager

Ext. 118

Nathan Chalmers

Purchasing Manager

Ext. 127

Jesus Bautista

Production Manager

Ext. 129

Sean Potter

Quality Compliance Manager

Ext. 114

Cody Lamb

Safety Coordinator

Ext. 128

Rodrigo Avila

Director of Estimating & Purchasing

Ext. 111

Will Johnson


Ext. 150

Jack Huston

Warehouse Supervisor

Ext. 130

Kristyn Young

Director of Marketing & Planning

Ext. 135

Lori McGuiness

Executive Assistant & Marketing | Trade Shows

Ext. 117

Pam Eustaquio

Marketing Coordinator

Ext. 116

Jennifer Garlington


Ext. 136

Kun Chen

Cost Accountant

Ext. 123

Adrianna Finch

Accounts Payable Specialist

Ext. 105

Laura Duskin

Accounting Clerk

Ext. 104

Courtney Zerkel 

Administrative Coordinator

Ext. 107