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Our Process

Our Process

From manufacturing to drop-in-place installation

Create. Design. Construct. Deliver. 

Since 2002, that’s what Public Restroom Company has been doing and doing it well. PRC Buildings are functionally superior and aesthetically cohesive with the surrounding landscape and architecture. We work closely with clients to design a building that can be multifunctional, if more than just restrooms are needed. After receiving engineered and state approved plans, the manufacturing process begins. Our buildings are constructed in an environmentally-controlled factory on a mat engineered slab with specially-designed concrete block, creating a slab similar to a bridge deck on an engineered 8″ concrete mat slab. Our roof systems are flexible, allowing you to choose from: wood, galvanized steel, concrete, or welded tubular steel with a variety of roof finishes. Roof pitches are constructed to suit your local architectural requirements. Under a controlled manufacturing process, costs can be predictable and changes (when required) are much easier compared to on-site construction. PRC offers premium, prefab restrooms and park buildings packaged with a simple, turnkey process.



Design phase

Engineered & state approved plans


Engineered rebar mat

Step 1 - Mat Engineered Slab

Specialized moisture resistant concrete

Step 2 - Waterproof Concrete is poured and cured for 8 days

CMU walls constructed

Step 3 - CMU Walls construced

Turnkey electrical, plumbing & fixtures

Step 4 - Turnkey electrical, plumbing and fixtures

Roof is installed on CMU walls

Step 5 - Roof is installed on CMU walls

Shrink wrapped for transportation

Step 6 - Shrink Wrapped for Transportation

Sub-grade Pad Preparation


Drop-in-Place Installation

Drop-in-place installation

Finished Building

Finished public restroom