SS-242 | Stadium Series

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SS-242 | Stadium Series

Public Restroom Company’s Stadium Series SS-242 model features a large well-ventilated multiple-occupant concrete block restroom that includes: four (4) flush toilets, two (2) urinals, and two (2) sinks that will accommodate up to 270 users per hour.

This floor plan is designed with the restroom and utility chase entry on the front of the building. The spacious utility chase is located in the center of the building providing easy access to all plumbing and electrical mechanisms.

The design utilizes natural ventilation with vents in both front & rear gables and is easily maintained with non-absorbent concrete floors and concrete block walls. This model works well in areas that have a high volume of users such as, multiple-use sports complexes.


Accommodates 270 users per hour

Great for:

High-Volume # of Users, Multi-Use Sports Complexes


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