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Town Square Park

The Town Square Park & Amphitheater Project located in Murrieta, California features three (3) separate buildings that are identical in exterior design and match the surrounding architecture and overall style of this new public, outdoor event venue.

The designated restroom building was a modified version of the SS-264 model from our Stadium Series product line that will accommodate up to 360 users per hour. The restroom features six (6) flush toilets, two (2) urinals, and four (4) sinks, in addition to one (1) family restroom complete with a baby changing station. The other two buildings were the same overall footprint as the restroom, but were a built to serve as dressing rooms and a dedicated storage area.

These buildings were a pleasure to design and build with the City of Murrieta and we couldn’t be happier with how this custom project turned out.


Accommodates 360 users per hour

Great for:

Large Sports Parks, Multi-Use Parks


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